Creating a winning name is the first step in determining the success of a brand.

A strong brand has a name that perfectly aligns with the perception it aims to generate, in reference to its promise.

Words, as guardians of meaning, hold concepts and convey them. Therefore, the name itself is the first and most important message through which a company, a brand, or a product expresses itself.

The ideation process must consider numerous variables. Intuition is just one of the many valuable moments that allow for creating aneffective, convincing and memorable name.

The creative process goes through an ideation phase. The creation process can focus on a single name, on pairing a baseline/payoff, but also on structuring a naming architecture that considers the dialogue between different names.

The name (or names) can have different natures and can even be neologisms; in any case, the created name undergoes subsequent phases of environmental control where it will be placed.

Initially, an adequately thorough digital check allows for immediately determining the presence of identical or similar names (or domain names).

The checks then involve dialogue with translators, interpreters and native speakers, especially when the name needs to be integrated into an international context. This ensures that the semantic value of the name is correct and meaningful even in contexts characterized by a different cultural background.

With both local and international logic, we also verify the usability of the name in legal terms. It is essential to avoid launching a market operation only to find oneself forced into disputes or abandoning the chosen name.

When appropriate, we advise and assist our clients with the filing and registration of the name, thanks to the support of specialized legal firms.

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