Notorious Agency signs KE Outdoor Design‘s debut on radio and TV with the commercial “Your perfect place”.

TITLE:Your perfect place

CUSTOMER:KE Outdoor Design

PRODOCT:Kedry Skylife




CREATIVE DIRECTION:Marco La Fiura – Notorious Agency


SOUND DESIGN:Sebastian Soso

MEDIA RELATIONS:Gagliardi & Partners

Notorious Agency signs the debut on radio and TV of KE -Outdoor Design with the advert "Your perfect place".

The TV advert seeks a strong connection with the public through the display of simple moments of life that are at the same time full of great emotional value. The rhetoric leverages “absolute” values, which are desired by people more than ever today: the search for physical and mental balance, love for the environment, the importance of true and sincere bonds, the need to live as best as possible your own domestic space in the company of the people you love. In this context, the product WHICH is the ideal place, capable of creating perfect living conditions.
The result is an advert with a delicate, conscious, at times seductive style, which aims to strengthen the perception of the KE brand as a leading brand on the international scene. With 362 television and 792 radio broadcasts – the distribution includes Sky TG 24, RTL TV and the radio stations Radio Rai, RTL 102.5, Radio Freccia and Radio24 – the campaign is further supported by cross-media planning on the most important international newspapers in the sector furniture and design.
The video narration involves the web, where the commercial is divided into its long 1′ version and numerous micro-videos lasting 15″, focused on the different key concepts relating to the product featured in the commercial, the Kedry Skylife bioclimatic pergola.

Your perfect place


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