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We were involved by the BAT Group, a leader in the shading systems sector for over 30 years, to develop a path for the correct positioning of the KE brand with the aim of clearly redefining the market’s perception of the brand, through a strategy cross channel of an international nature.

Our contribution:

  • Cross channel strategy
  • Concepting and ideation
  • UX/UI design consultancy in the development of the new site
  • Management of social pages: Facebook IT, US, FR, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Social Advertising for the company and for stores nationally and internationally
  • Content marketing & creative visual storytelling
  • Graphic design for print and online magazines
  • Production of ADV render campaigns

Innovation and quality: these are the company's key words

Since 1987 KE has been designing and producing arm, box and drop awnings, canopies and shelters and specializes in shading structures that enhance the liveability of the outdoors and the restyling of street furniture.

One of the company’s strengths is to constantly invest in cutting-edge products and customizable solutions, anticipating future trends. For these reasons Notorious Agency sought a distinctive communication formula that would enhance the brand’s brand heritage in the Outdoor Design & Furniture sector.

Going deep

For a 360° project, our approach was initially based on an in-depth knowledge of the KE reality and its peculiar characteristics, through analysis tools such as: empathy map and SWOT analysis. Thanks to these tools we have created a basis of guidelines for subsequent Web Marketing activities.

An original concept: “The Life in Between”

“KE products represent the perfect connection between the indoor & outdoor world. They allow us to fully grasp and experience the qualities of the two dimensions.”

We anchored ourselves on this assumption as the main concept, with the aim of distinguishing the communication of KE Outdoor Design and enhancing the values ​​of the products.

Each word holds a unique concept. We have isolated the words that describe the moments of life in the two opposing dimensions – indoor and outdoor – focusing as if we wanted to isolate “frames”, “freeze images” on the words that manage to give these moments of life a purely positive meaning .

In other words, KE products create special individual and social moments, characterized by delicacy and suspension: they are the life in between.

Graphic Design

Notorious Agency has dealt and continues to deal with the graphic processing of materials intended for online and offline magazines, Google Ads banners and social content.

Facebook, Instagram e LinkedIn

On social media, the main concept is expressed in messages that talk about:

  • Design and architecture;
  • Search for beauty;
  • Inner and outer peace;
  • Lifestyle and taste;
  • Italianity.

Social Advertisement KE and KE Store

In addition to the Social Media Marketing campaigns of the KE brand, Notorious Agency also takes care of the KE Stores located in Italy and abroad (Corsica + Switzerland), promoting them through Brand Awareness and Lead Generation advertising.

ADV campaigns

The concept “The Life in Between” was interpreted and declined for the production of the press campaigns. The artistic direction of Notorious Agency has found its best expression thanks to the collaboration with Bruger Studio, specialized in rendering for the Design & Architecture sector.

Founding aesthetic principles:

  • Balance – Is conveyed through symmetry and a central composition. The perspective enhances its depth and idealizes the product.
  • Transient vs. Immobility – Photography of twilight moments is the perfect moment where becoming meets stillness. Elements such as lanterns and candles reverberate this almost dreamlike dimension.
  • Zen peace – The aquatic element, be it a swimming pool or a pond, creates a parallel with the Zen imagery, giving an idea of ​​suspension. In fact, the reflection of the tent on the water almost makes the tent twirl, idealizing it.


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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