Criocabin – a company in the province of Padua that deals with the production and marketing of high-end refrigerated counters on an international scale – turned to Notorious Agency with a very specific request: to give full and adequate expression to the company vision.

Video storytelling strategy

For a brand that makes the meeting between design and technology its promise, demonstrating and making people understand the qualities of its products is essential.

We gave shape to a storytelling based on a series of short videos of nature technical-emotional, intertwined with a second strand of video interviews with some key personalities of the company, who were able to tell the “behind the scenes” of the production of refrigerated cabinets, through a point of view whose human component (conceptual and creative) emerges preponderantly.

The intervention was an opportunity to reconceive and optimize the information hierarchy, defining an organic and complete user journey, more logical and fluid, in full harmony with the communication strategy developed in the digital environment as a whole (click here to go into detail).

The objective: to involve the public, leading them to understand and appreciate the peculiarities of Criocabin products, making the spectator a participant in the most intimate and profound aspects linked to the company vision, the conception of the products and their production.

In addition to social and trade fair destinations, on the site the videos find their ideal destination in the pages dedicated to the products, enriching the storytelling, the browsing experience, and increasing the perceived value of the product.

Official Website

Criocabin’s is perhaps the “coolest” site we have ever created. And not just because we’re talking about refrigerated counters! 😉

As part of the restyle of the website, the priority was clear: to promote a renewed perception of Criocabin, in support of a positioning clearly distinct from its competitors.

Stylistic choices had a preponderant role in this sense.


Product page

Sustainability page


Never seen anything cooler.


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