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We are really proud to have taken care of the valorisation and digitalisation project of the Studiolo in Vicolo dei Vetri – an operation connected to the broader valorisation program of Museo Casa Giorgione which aims to give concreteness to the concept of “widespread museum“. With this operation, in fact, we were able to make a precious component of the artistic and cultural heritage of the city of Castelfranco Veneto available to the public.

The Studiolo is a place of great cultural value: the works it houses belong to the early 16th century, the era of Giorgione, one of the most important exponents of the Venetian school who had his home in Castelfranco Veneto. But it is also an enigmatic space, as was Giorgione’s personality: in fact, it is not known what this place was actually used for, but the hypotheses are many, and sometimes disturbing, and this has allowed us to give our original interpretation to the operation

Our role was to take care of the exhibition project and produce the contents to support the visit:

  • a documentary video
  • information supports
  • the website
  • an Augmented Reality App
  • a Touch Screen App

And it was very the concept is particular to which we anchored ourselves to give shape to storytelling: our intent was in fact to convey to visitors a particular suggestion, at times almost unsettling, to engage yes, but also to suggest the strong full of mystery that the Studiolo has been carrying with it for over 500 years.

AR App

A perfect combination of innovation and history.

We have “augmented” the Studiolo to give visitors a curious, fun, memorable experience.
A man from the 16th century who appears among the visitors; a window into the City’s past; a document that reveals the first steps of the research to discover the Studiolo.

The augmented contents were made available on Tablets through an easy-to-use, intuitive UI.

Touchscreen App

We have developed an App dedicated to the most demanding public, to allow them to deepen their understanding of the frescoes in the Studiolo.
The visitor can view the frescoes in high definition, examine their details, and above all understand their meaning and historical and artistic value.



Highlight content of the entire exhibition, we oversaw the creation of a video documentary. Through historical re-enactments performed by actors in costume, interviews, illustrated scenes and very high definition images (4K), we accompany visitors to discover the mysteries of the Studiolo, also helping them to give a correct interpretation of its works of art.

And then..

Digital, Web, Print, Event

The operation has aroused great interest in the local community and we hope that it will represent a new contribution of value for the tourists of Castelfranco Veneto.
To support the operation we therefore took care of the advertising operation, from printed graphics and information materials to communication on social media.

We then created a mini site to offer a preview of the visit experience and allow booking.

“The Studiolo in Vicolo dei Vetri
lives again between history and technology”

Il Gazzettino

“The mysteries of the Studiolo
finally revealed”

Prima Treviso

The official presentation of the project took place on 13 September 2020 and involved representatives of the Municipal Administration (Mayor and Ass. Culture) and Regional and the Creative Director of Notorious, Marco La Fiura, who commented:

“We were inspired by the technological solutions that the largest international museums are equipped with today, to also equip the Museum with latest generation information and entertainment solutions, and to offer visitors a satisfying and engaging experience. Particular attention was given to the way in which we constructed the narrative: we in fact gave the message a very suggestive and characterizing tone, precisely to give the visitor the emotion that we ourselves felt in discovering this enigmatic environment.”

Marco La Fiura
Creative director


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