An e-commerce that only sells chili pepper-based products.

A request that is not at all bizarre, for those of us who have always known Filippo and Sara, the couple who created B-Orto, an agricultural company in Gemona del Friuli specialized in the selection, production and transformation of chilli peppers.

A biologist and a sociologist with a passion for life in the countryside and a dream with a spicy flavour: to create a company entirely dedicated to the cultivation of chillies from all over the world.

A dream that they realized, so much so that it attracted the attention of Gambero Rosso which, after discovering them at the East Market in Milan, dedicated an article to B-Orto in its online magazine.

We have been friends with Filippo and Sara for a long time, we saw their project born and grow, and we have always believed in them, encouraging and motivating them. Not only because of the relationship of mutual respect that binds us, but above all because we saw a great opportunity in their idea right from the start.

This is why we were happy to accept when they asked for our help to review the company logo, develop the product pack and create an e-commerce website.


Brand Identity & Packaging Design

We started from a study of the brand’s identity, identifying the archetype closest to B-Orto’s personality: a brand with the payoff “Be Brave! Eat Hot!” he could only fit into the archetype of the Explorer, intrepid and curious.

After giving shape to a Copy Strategy on which to base the brand’s rhetoric and communication style, and a Distinctive Main Concept – “A SURPRISING culinary experience” – we dedicated ourselves to design of the logo, which involved the tattoo artist Andrea Pietrobon, specialized in black tattoos, who conceived and designed the pictogram: a teary eye, overwhelmed by the spiciness, interpreted through one style halfway between “rude” and minimal with which the artist was able to define a design suited to the needs of reading and placing on the packs.

We then defined the pictogram digitally and completed the design with the text components – name and payoff – to give shape to a one-of-a-kind, provocative and ultimately… surprising brand!

Starting from the logo, we conceived a lively and original identity environment, expressed in the various packaging, each of which was designed to best enhance and preserve the individual varieties of chilli pepper, thanks to appropriate design and material choices.

We redesigned the packaging, choosing the fonts and color palette and studying the design of labels and envelopes. The tears present on the logo inspired us and, starting from this detail, we developed a pack based on strong impact elements, capable of transmitting strong sensations that B-Orto products can provide: the labels of the jars are decorated with a pouring of sauce, which seems to emerge, uncontainable, from the package!

E-commerce Website

Finally, Notorious oversaw the design and development of the website for the online sale of B-Orto products, starting from interface design and study of the User Experience, both in line with the Brand Identity.

The interface has a direct and bold style – just like chili pepper – and bright colors that recall spicy.

The UX is purchase oriented, designed to lead the user to purchase in a simple and immediate way; the architecture of the catalog is based on the taxonomy of the different chilli pepper species and cultivars proposed.

E-commerce, developed on the Storeden platform, has a peculiarity: when browsing the online shop it is possible to order and filter the products based on the level of spiciness, to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Be brave, Be hot!

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