Is it possible to create digital opportunities for historical realities? Of course yes: this is what lies at the basis of the work we did for Ulysses.

A historic boutique in the center of Pordenone, a point of reference for men’s fashion for more than 40 years. The owner who founded it in 1975 handed it over in recent years to the two salesmen who helped him look after his customers from a very young age. Who decide to turn to Notorious to open the shop to a new opportunity: online sales.

E-commerce Website

The Ulysses e-commerce website is a digital transposition of the boutique’s identity environment, characterized by style, essentiality and flawless elegance.

The red color, the same as the iconic shopping bags in which purchases made in the store are packaged, is a recurring element that we have chosen for calls to action and accents of detail. The design is clean and simple, made of neutral colors and quality images that portray the garments and the environment.

E-commerce is the result of a careful study of the User Journey, conducted through multiple validation and optimization steps. The design of the site is aimed at making the purchase categories perfectly understandable, intertwining different navigation paths aimed at intercepting the expectations and interests of users, framed upstream through the profiling of as many Buyer-personas.

Great care was dedicated to the transition from the catalog to the shopping cart: each step was taken care of with information placed in strategic, complete and easy-to-use positions, relating to the items on sale, sizes and shipping and return policies.

A specific section of the site is dedicated to the Atelier, Ulysses’ tailoring laboratory, a newly conceived environment for which we took care of the branding and web and social narration.

Visual Storytelling

A Visual Storytelling strategy for social communication is a key element for consolidating the digital presence of a historic reality.

With the aim of telling the identity of Ulysses and establishing an empathetic relationship with customers and potential customers, we have identified 3 main strands.

Exhibit – To illustrate the spaces, garments and people that make up the reality of the boutique.

Dixit – Per dare dritte e consigli che accompagnassero il cliente nel suo viaggio di stile.

Brand – To display the selection of brands on sale.

Company Profile

An “analogue” tool which, with its digital counterpart – the website – has in common the ability to immediately convey the identity of Ulysses, telling its mission, history, values ​​and people.

A new look for a shop that has dressed generations.

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