Outline and manage a brand management operation for Tremotino, a platform for the online sale of high quality handcrafted clothing and accessories, to launch the brand on the market and define its perception by consumers, to be implemented on a social strategy and a website e-commerce.

Communication objectives

1. Spread awareness of the brand

2. Express the values ​​underlying the project in the best way

3. Expand the network of artisans involved

4. Encourage product sales on e-commerce


Tremotino will make you recognize the true quality that artisan clothing has to offer.


Slow Fashion

Made in Italy






In designing Tremotino’s e-commerce we made a series of choices, both stylistic and content, which allowed us to create a familiar, welcoming environment, made up of people and their stories.

First of all, the use of a color palette of pastel, warm and reassuring tones, and the choice of a light and elegant graceful font. The layout of the pages was also enriched with iconography and large photos, and the more commercial sections were interspersed with more corporate emotional content.

The values ​​that the brand promotes find ample space right from the homepage, and are presented in detail on the Our values ​​and Behind the label pages.

Each artisan part of the community is presented even before their products, through a dedicated shop page.

The website is constantly updated and renewed through the Magazine, which offers the public engaging content and food for thought.

The Shop makes the most of the product, through an intuitive and complete interface. In particular, each product page is enriched with useful information such as Fitting & Wearability and Where was it made?, as well as a link to the Care guide page, a guide to the correct maintenance of materials to ensure greater durability.


Craftsmanship Goes Digital


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Castelfranco V.to (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526