In a sector where communication strategies tend to develop along very similar semantic lines, Studio3A seizes the opportunity to stand out with renewed, original communication formulas, intending to create a new empathetic connection with its target market..

Notorious has the mandate to manage Studio3A’s communication at a national level, consolidating a distinctive positioning aimed at recognizing Studio3A as the undisputed leader among Italian players in the sector.

Notorious’s contribution is based on a year of analysis, which has laid the groundwork for designing a renewed approach to communication (READ HERE the focus on the investigations conducted).

  • Brand mapping
  • Personas design & survey
  • Communication analysis
  • PBA (Perception based analysis)


The new advertising campaigns of Studio3A shift the semantic focus from the typical industry standards, carefully moving towards a new rhetoric.

The goal is to refine the perception and create a renewed connection with the target audience; a complicity based onsolid and profound assumptions, where the economic component is subordinate to emotional support: this is the intangible, yet central, contribution of Studio3A.

The tone is warm, reassuring, and complicit. The campaigns instill a new and impactful suggestion that highlights the human role of Studio3A and its ability to provide significant emotional support and genuine satisfaction to its clients.

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To conquer leadership

To conquer leadership


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526