New website, visual paths and shooting: this is how we reviewed the social communication of the Quinto Vicentino company for the Soft Flower brand.

The idea we developed had the aim of making corporate communication much more direct and empathetic, bringing a particular focus to the flagship Soft Flower line.

Clean, delicate, personal: the assumption we have referred to aims to describe the products of Cartindustria Veneta in association with the human being, the person and the very context of use of the products.

UI/UX design

We have thus anchored the production of the new website to a new communication concept.

UI: the study of the graphic interface of this site has played both on the design and on the use of images suitable to best express each product. The site was then effectively developed as a real catalogue, with detailed and useful information to support the current company business model. Interactive chat has been integrated as a new customer care tool.

Paths Visual

The visual paths, with an emotional slant, are developed by Notorious Agency solely for the Instagram social channel with the aim of transmitting positive messages and creating a community loyal to the brand. Each path contains a dedicated narrative thread. Below are the main ones.

Floral Essence – To enhance the qualities of the product (soft, delicate, fragrant, etc.), the toilet paper roll is associated with a particular flower.

Soft Moments – To give importance to the use of paper during the daily and special moments of our lives: a lunch at work, a birthday party with friends or a family breakfast.

Pattern – To emphasize the detail of the Soft Flower product, which is what makes the difference and makes it unique.

Made in Veneto – To underline the quality and excellence of the work that takes place, with love and passion, directly in our territory.


To best represent communication messages and avoid stock content, we at Notorious Agency conducted a two-day photographic production. 9 environmental shots were taken of three different product types (napkins, kitchen towels and toilet paper), highlighting their qualities as much as possible.


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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