How do you launch a new food line?
We have devised a long-term strategy to accompany the gradual introduction of the new Pasta Sgambaro “Bio” lines, and accustom consumers to recognizing the new packs.

1. The first step? Win over journalists!

We organized a conference-event to present and taste the new “organic” Sgambaro pasta products. The event was held at the Notorious headquarters. Representatives of the sector press participated and were able to enjoy a pleasant evening of music and tastings.


2. Accompany from the old to the new

Strategic calls to action led the user to landing pages designed to educate consumers on how to recognize the new packs, through interactive actions capable of facilitating memorization.


3. From the web to the supermarket

We have integrated an interactive map of Italy into the site, to find retailers of the “Bio” lines of Sgambaro pasta.

4. Tell a good story

A series of videos for the web has been designed to present the new packs and products.

5. Brand quality

A new registered logo to guarantee “Sgambaro” standards.


6. New products, new communication

Naturally we also took care of reinterpreting and coordinating all the visual communication of good “Organic” products.


How is a good story born?


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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