The request

“We are looking for an agency capable of expressing our brand values ​​to the world”

Pierantonio Sgambaro

Starting from this request, Notorious Agency has created a multi-year integrated communication strategy, capable of leading the company towards a new way of communicating its brand heritage, with the aim of operating a decisive repositioning of the company in the market.

B2B Revolution

Notorious Agency’s intervention touched every area of ​​the business model.
B2B relationships needed new, more modern tools capable of providing the commercial network with effective support.
Our support included the restyle of all commercial catalogues, the production of a valuable company profile and its translation of an animated showreel.

Brand Manual

With 70 years of history, providing the company with a Brand Book was essential. To define the correct uses of the brand and align the entire corporate communication.


If consuming pasta is a ritual, who more than Sgambaro – the first Italian pasta factory to have created pasta made with 100% Italian wheat – could act as a narrator of the gestures, emotions and sensations linked to the culture of pasta.

By leveraging a feeling rooted both at a national and international level, we have given shape to a content marketing strategy capable of generating empathy and making Sgambaro recognized as a reference company worthy of full trust.

Blogging & Social Storytelling

Notorious has created an editorial plan full of “appetizing” content. With articles, columns, recipes and interviews we talk about the company values ​​and Sgambaro products, highlighting aspects never covered before by the company.

We have developed a blog with a modern design, the fulcrum of the entire content marketing strategy.
Grabbing the user by the throat has become our mission, as well as spreading the vision of Sgambaro, so strongly close to the themes of corporate sustainability and healthy nutrition.

Blogger day

The work of improving and consolidating Brand Reputation was also supported by an Influencer Marketing operation.
For this reason we involved a selection of influencers, made up of the best Italian food bloggers and nutritionists, who we invited to the company headquarters. To help them discover the secrets of pasta production and taste the traditional shapes and new special products.
The followers would have liked to be there!

UX & Interactive contents

In the digital environment, every moment of the customer journey has been taken into consideration, to improve the user experience and ensure a pleasant and satisfying browsing experience on the site too.
An interactive quiz entertained users, increased visits to the site and contributed to SEO.

Video Strategy

From the wheat fields to the plate.

To reveal the secrets of the most popular food in Italy.
Do you know how pasta is made? it is a serialized story that reveals to consumers curious notions about the production of pasta, which, despite being so rooted in our culture, are often taken for granted to the point of becoming unknown. Making them rediscover was the mission of these videos.

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