Sales Bridge – a company specialized in the management and optimization of sales processes via marketplaces – commissioned Notorious Agency with the task of designing and developing the foundations of its communication: brand identity and website.

In order to identify and best express the distinctive potential of Sales Bridge, Notorious has undertaken an analytical path based on a profound understanding of the company’s business model – a very particular one – and on the study of the communication levers useful for giving the best interpretation and emphasis to messages.

This first work process, developed in moments of dialogue between the Agency and the Client, made it possible to structure the foundations of the subsequent operations, starting from the formalization of a Copy Strategy from which the creative processes developed.

Brand Identity

The development of the logo played on very simple shapes: colours, well defined, characteristic and bright, attributable to the contexts of technology and logistics.

The typography is legible, soft and decisive at the same time, to connote efficiency and reliability.
The two words of the name have been drawn separately, to facilitate full understanding of the service offered and the role played by the company. Likewise, the design of the brand consists of three overlapping circles, to underline the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčlogistical connection between two entities. Sales Bridge is the central element, invisible as it is unnoticed by the end consumer and impalpable in its performance.

The payoff has the role of conveying the company mission in a less evocative and clear way.


The website had to play the key role of communicating a credible, authoritative, high-performance reality. The communication objective of this site: to express in a perfectly clear and credible way the peculiarities of the services offered by Sales Bridge, highlighting the advantages offered, and clearly illustrating the type of “win-win” business relationship that Sales Bridge offers.

We designed a very white, clean interface, made brilliant by touches of very intense colour, strategically directing users’ attention.

Furthermore, the set of icons was designed to give a sense of humanity, alluding to a very attentive customer care service. Strategic CTAs help guide the user’s path to conversion.

Great job, team! A real pleasure to have been able to collaborate with you



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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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