Architectural fashion ADV

A concept, one that combines fashion and architecture, which underpinned the creation of the 2017 advertising campaigns of Negozi Pellizzari.
The campaigns were published in the main Italian fashion magazines and were created with the collaboration of Gaetano Mansi, an internationally renowned fashion photographer and valuable collaborator of Notorious Agency.



Spring Summer 2017: elegance and simplicity

The blue of the Neapolitan sky. White polygons as a backdrop. A dreamlike atmosphere for the spring/summer 2017 collection.



Fall/Winter 2017: Oscar-worthy locations!

The imposing structure of the Salone delle Fontane in Rome, with its rationalist architecture, frames the fall/winter 2016-2017 collection.



Engage followers

Live posts and official backstage coverage highlighted the key moments of the advertising productions.


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526