E-commerce strategy for fashion retail

Land online with a fashion e-commerce site.
An opportunity that must be seized with the utmost strategic approach.

The operation required a multi-year study, which we conducted with a team of consultants specialized in managing brand management, communication and digital marketing processes.

The role of Notorious Agency? Manage the key steps of building and launching e-commerce. Here’s what we did to make this project concrete:

  • Communication concept
  • Web e DEM Design (UX, UI)
  • 150 photographic contents
  • 20 video
  • Press office
  • Social & Digital PR
  • Advertising campaign
  • Shoppable content


Negozi Pellizzari bases its business formula on fashion retail. From this assumption we started to build a strong concept, on the basis of which to support the production operation and launch of e-commerce:


Fashion is an opportunity
to express themselves
and your personality.


Express your style

For this reason, the online shop was not conceived as a mere catalog of clothing products, but rather as a place where you can find information and advice on style and trends, also thanks to the contribution of professional stylists and a crew made up of the most appreciated Italian fashion bloggers.

Web Design

17 pages designed in detail to make the user’s browsing experience unique. We worked on the design of every single page of the site, from the homepage to the cart, studying and coordinating the stylistic lines with great meticulousness, from the banners to the fonts, up to the individual icons.

The layout of the site has been structured to enhance the communication concept and offer numerous style tips with which to engage the user, in addition to navigation paths by gender (man, woman, child), by occasion of use (elegant , casual, trendy) and by brand (over 100 top international brands).

Our UX/UI Design intervention also included newsletters, the layout of which was designed to give maximum expression to the various email marketing campaigns.

Visual content: photos and videos

To create the contents of such a structured e-commerce, we gave shape to an equally complex production, having a team of 15 professionals for this project which included stylists, MUAs, art directors, photographers and videomakers.


The bulk of the work, however, was the post! In a short time we managed a considerable amount of video and photographic content, which we retouched and formatted for all the destinations planned for distribution:

  • Website
  • Newsletter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram wall
  • Instagram stories
  • Store monitors

The result?

  • Many original photos, of a commercial fashion nature, always updated on the site and on social media;
  • 12 videos of “Style Tips”, to suggest users the trends and secrets of fashion;
  • 8 mood videos, to inspire users on the web and in stores.

Launch campaign

The new site was promoted with an advertising campaign distributed in the main Italian fashion magazines, as well as road signs.

The integrated communication action also involved the press office, communication and social campaigns, Digital PR.

Style shop, with style!


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