An unparalleled player in the refrigeration sector, a brand with an artisan soul that has become an emblem of the most authentic meaning of the word “excellence”.

This is Mondel, the company specialized in the production of superior quality refrigerated counters for concept stores, fishmongers, butchers and avant-garde delicatessens all over the world.

Notorious Agency led an integrated communications strategy, designed to support the brand’s singular market positioning.


The information structure of the site has been designed to highlight the design and construction characteristics of the refrigerated counters, highlighting the Company’s know-how and artisanal attitude.

The site evokes a sense of professionalism and competence, consolidated by the choice of blue tones of the logo’s color palette and by a clear and clean font that expresses reliability and balance.

A usable site, simple to navigate, understandable and intuitive.

The imagery created intends to strengthen Mondel’s concepts of craftsmanship and exclusive customization by associating the brand’s expertise with the culture of art and work of man that loses its origins over time.


The catalog was designed by combining the emotional components and the technical description of the products.

This strategic choice is reflected in the selection of images, the careful drafting of the copy and in general on the essential graphic style of the brochure. Particular attention is paid to the printing ennoblements.


Social communication to support the positioning of the brand, through the production of ad hoc content that conveys brand values ​​with the aim of increasing awareness.


The photographic services highlight Mondel’s corporate spaces and professional skills.

Meat the Fish Fish the Meat

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