Of course, no one could have ignored the very strange rumors that were circulating before we left. Rumors of something that had been discovered*.

*2001 A Space Odyssey. Voice of HAL.

The “How was the future?” campaign created by Notorious Agency presents the “MAX by Criocabin” line for the first time.

The cross-channel strategy includes the official market launch at the Euroshop fair – Düsseldorf 2023 and support for the commercial network through multimedia tools and content.


A monothematic site to support the launch operation and give maximum expression to the technical features of the new line.


Making of

The making of recounts the salient phases of the conception, design and production process of the “Max” line, while a teaser highlights the suggestions and inspirations that led to the conception of the new line.

Tech features

The campaign is structured through static and animated renderings of a technical-descriptive nature to present Max’s technical, aesthetic and functional peculiarities in detail.


Some contents

Space is an absolute place, known by all, admired and feared by every culture, with the same reverence. A source of inspiration for every civilization, it is loaded with a transversal semantic value: it represents the unknown, but at the same time it is the guardian of every answer. It is the emblem of the future, of innovation, of discovery. The direction to go.

TITLE: How was the future?



TEAM PRODUCTION:Wow Textura, The Studio

DISTRIBUTION:Euroshop 2023, Digital

How was the future?

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