La Vela di Vicenza is a prestigious property located in Vicenza, characterized by high architectural and livability standards. Here’s how Notorious Agency contributed to enhancing and promoting this prestigious property for office use.


The website was designed to highlight the unique features of the property, showcasing its intended uses, architecture, spaces, and associated services.

We designed the interface, created, and developed the website (UX/UI Design + development).

Thematic Focus

strategic CTA

Interactive map


In addition to the website, the communication operation included the preparation of roadside billboards aimed at highlighting the real estate opportunity in the area and near the property itself.

Sailing into real estate

Sailing into real estate


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Castelfranco (TV)
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526


Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526