Social e video strategy

FraLab is an artisanal laboratory of Made in Italy scented candles, a workshop that transforms coconut wax into olfactory emotions.

A brand and a product that we helped launch through the creation of the Social strategy, which increased and consolidated brand awareness.

Initially we laid the foundations of the company’s rhetoric, visual imagery and communication style, giving shape to a Copy Strategy and the Main Concept:

Choose the emotion to experience every day.

Hence the development of a Visual Storytelling strategy for social communication, focused on the ability of FraLab candles to enclose a world of emotions, ready to be released as soon as the candle is lit.

In addition to this, there are two other key concepts around which storytelling gravitates: the qualità del prodotto, artisanal and made with high-level raw materials, and the continuously updated range, with the periodic release of new lines, each with a completely different bouquet of fragrances, aesthetics and imagery.

Video storytelling

The video campaign enriches the communication strategy with particularly valuable content as part of an operation to launch the brand on the market, to give full value to the promise and adequate support for the positioning sought.

Five mini-videos of an emotional nature help to convey a strong and distinctive message. The narration – with evocative images and a dreamlike look & feel – aims to suggest the emotions provoked by the fragrances, projecting the protagonist’s mind into an altered, different dimension, capable of invading the spirit.

Sound design plays a key role in emphasizing the message and encouraging its internalization. We therefore produced an original soundtrack, playing with appropriate variations to adapt it to the different moods and suggestions that each scented candle promises to give to the consumer.

Olfactory Emotions.

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