A five-year strategy (2021 – 2025) for the repositioning of “Atlantis” as part of the headwear brand’s renewed commitment to significantly reducing its environmental impact.


Communicating a sustainable approach to the market requires treating and narrating each action honestly. From the outset, we imposed a mantra on ourselves: three keywords, three concepts to always reference. Without compromise.

Another key concept was fundamental to gaining a clear and solid positioning.

It was essential to consider this from the initial design and creative phases to win the most challenging bet: distinguishing Atlantis’s message in an increasingly saturated environment of environmental-friendly informational and commercial content.

Brand management

We redefined the rhetorical foundations of communication, specifying key topics, tone of voice, the promise, and the reference imagery for developing creative processes.

Logo restyle

The renewed brand identity conveys a stronger, more precise message that underscores Atlantis’s full intention to uphold its promise.


Some content

The revolution is on your head.


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Castelfranco V.to (TV), Italy
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+39 0423 492526