When we met Martino Antiga we immediately became fond of the idea of ​​equipping the ANTIGA company with an Augmented Reality App.

Accompanying an almost century-old company – which has always been a point of reference among brands of indoor and outdoor chairs and tables – on the virtual shores made us feel a little part of its history.

The objective behind the new AR App was to offer ANTIGA Customers the possibility of previewing their favorite furnishings in 3D, immersed in the real environment.

The new App is conceived as a tool to support sales and allows each item (furnishing product) to be completely customized and positioned precisely in the space to be furnished.

Users have the opportunity to test the furnishings in real time and in a perfectly realistic way, and to check their details (measurements, weight, colours, fabrics).

Notorious Agency conceived and designed the UX/UI to give shape to an environment characterized by excellent usability, well coordinated with the ANTIGA identity system, with a trendy look & feel and suited to the sector context.

The development of the App was entrusted to the technical partner Area Visuale.

The colors have been designed with adherence to the ANTIGA brand identity. An elegant and current color palette, correct use of accent, background and median colors, congruence with the correct tone of voice. Stylistic choices had a preponderant role in this sense.

The choice of Sans serif gives readability and sobriety thanks to its clean and modern design. We ensured a well-balanced layout by managing contrasts, sizes, and empty spaces.

The app was structured with a “visual” menu, consisting of preview button-banners for product categories. A secondary menu was included for multilingual management, technical information, and a user guide, although the app is very intuitive.

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