Thestrategic and creative approach the basis of the Promo Haus communication project starts from a ambitious and stimulating premise: the sale of properties can and must nowadays be managed differently from the canonical methods, raise the level of customer service and care, and adequately respond to the expectations of a market with needs that are as particular as they are relevant.

A new identity in the real estate market

We created the identifying image of the new real estate promotion system – Promo Haus – linking it to the brand identity of Pro Haus, the architectural firm that supports the system and coordinates real estate operations.

To design the pictograms we were inspired by the graphic symbolism of the architectural plans of the buildings. Each selected geometric symbol was then associated by similarity to each letter that makes up the word PROMO/PRO of Promo Haus/Pro Haus, thus building a synthetic and minimal vocabulary of signs.

The Chillax font, a Bauhaus-style geometric sans serif, lends itself to its lowercase letters designed along a pattern established in 1926 by Herbert Bayer as part of his “universal” alphabet.

Strategic approach

To satisfy the need to shape a new complete sales system, each real estate transaction is supported by a strategic approach that includes:

  • A landing page dedicated to each real estate transaction
  • A “Promo Haus” site, a collector of different initiatives
  • Promotion to targeted targets through geolocalized campaigns on social media (FB, IG) associated with campaigns on Google.
  • A site-based customer care and follow-up system, which includes the integration of chat systems and a dedicated telephone number
  • The possibility of integrating a variety of previews in virtual reality to the individual landing pages

Selling houses means selling dreams

Thanks to photo-realistic renderings we show detailed previews of properties, environments, furnishings and actions. Images that make the buyer experience an emotion, almost leading him to perceive the lifestyle that his new home will allow him to achieve and arousing a deep desire to experience those emotions.

More than houses… living concepts!

Each real estate transaction is identified through an original name and enhanced through a true, albeit synthetic, identifying image. To further emphasize the concept behind the individual projects and enhance their promise.

Selling dreams


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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+39 0423 492526