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The Customer’s request is a single-mandate financial agency of Credem Banca SpA, specialized in loans with the “assignment of the fifth” modality.

Notorious Agency was involved in a complex SEO project, aimed at ensuring the company achieves the best organic positioning on Google.

Vertical Specialization to Achieve Maximum Performance

To ensure the highest possible performance for this project, we proposed three development steps to our client.

Step 1 – SEO Analysis

In the initial step, we engaged Moca Interactive, to whom we delegated the preliminary analysis of online demand and the mapping of all keywords and searches on which to build dedicated content.
Together with Moca, we defined the initial structure; for each page, Notorious Agency took care of providing SEO-optimized text, referencing the primary and secondary keywords identified during the preliminary analysis.

STEP 2 – UI Design

Notorious Agency developed the website design on WordPress CMS.
The site’s interface was completely customized to ensure the best level of usability and identity personalization.
We crafted an interface suitable for the context, meticulously detailing the stylistic (fonts, colors, images) and structural components.

STEP 3 – Development and SEO Optimization

Notorious Agency also managed the website development, creating individual pages on the model of a typical landing page, to fulfill the need to finalize conversions and support Google Ads campaigns.
The technical components (code, structural elements, loading performance, redirects, etc.) were optimized with the aim of releasing a website correctly prepared for the best SEO performance.

STEP 4 – SEO ongoing

As it is an SEO project, is a living site.
Immediately after going live, Notorious began a process of optimization based on the constant writing of optimized articles, whose frequency was defined with the aim of achieving a natural, solid, and unforced organic positioning.


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