Giving shape to a new brand for a company operating in food distribution, with the aim of seeking the perfect positioning in the market and allowing the start of the commercial activity through the appropriate communication tools.
A brand management operation of great responsibility that allowed us to meet people who were genuinely passionate and profoundly experts in the sector.


To define this new reality we have studied a name capable of expressing its founding values, thanks only to the sound and the imagery evoked:

Casa Mamè

A reassuring and familiar name. It instills a sense of trust, evokes a hospitable but also eclectic personality, and preserves the seed of its genesis: the word Mamè is in fact a fusion of the surnames of the two founding members.

Gastronomic footprints

The payoff speaks of experience in the food sector, and the ability to choose specialties capable of leaving an indelible mark.


The logo uses the four letters of the word mame to recreate natural elements: wheat (the two M’s), sun (A) and earth (E).

The choice of colors fell on warm and reassuring tones, associated in the common imagination with the food sector. The shades of green and brown recall the earth and the natural world, while the shade of bright yellow communicates an idea of ​​warmth, welcome, home.


The layout of the catalog aims to enhance and reflect the commitment and care with which Casa Mamè chooses producers and their products, describing their values ​​and history with a short biography.

The division of the catalogue, first into product categories and then into regions, helps those who browse the catalog to easily choose the items they are most interested in, also discovering valuable usage tips.

Casa Mamè does not want to be a simple catalog but an in-depth analysis and a pleasant discovery of the unique specialties of each Italian territory.


The Casa Mamè website is aimed at food sector operators in the Triveneto area such as shopkeepers and restaurateurs, looking for well-made and quality products to offer to their customers.

Starting from this assumption, the information structure of the site has been designed to highlight not only the culinary excellence offered, but also to propose the assortment shared with the producer, telling its history and values, to create an emotional bond with the territory and the artisans of taste.

Look & Feel

The site evokes a sense of warmth and familiarity of home through the choice of a palette of natural, warm and reassuring earthy colors and a fresh font with a friendly tone.

Each category of gastronomic product, such as cheeses, cured meats, oils, sauces, rice, etc., is identified by an infographic and chromatic system that facilitates navigation, for a more intuitive use.

The images, which contribute to creating a welcoming environment, are punctuated by sections of a Corporate nature, relating to the people and the company space, which confirm the brand as a place of conviviality, experimentation and comparison.

Culinary imprints


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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