Working for a chocolate factory? We’ve been dreaming about it ever since we saw the film. And then it really happened!! One fine day “Willy Wonka” came to ring our doorbell.

To do a good job, obviously we had to eat lots and lots of delicious chocolate!


In the Chaima language of the indigenous people who populated part of the Venezuelan territory, Aroko means plume or crown of feathers, symbol of power and honor. In Venezuelan culture, tribute is often paid to the different Caciques – the indigenous leaders – by giving their name to cities or geographical areas where they dominated. Notorious wanted to pay tribute to all these legendary warriors and lead, with a chocolate bar, to the discovery of the Venezuelan territory.

The logo

The logo we designed represents three Venezuelan cabose (cocoa fruits) forming a crown with above three stars arranged in a radial pattern, like the stars present in the flag of Venezuela. Venezuelan cabose have a sharp tip, unlike the typical African ones which have both rounded tips (“amelonada” shape).

An imagery, the South American one, which we also wanted to suggest through a careful choice of font.

The packaging

Since Aroko produces niche chocolate, we have chosen to introduce relevant information into the packs to tell the origin, the production process and the characteristics of the cocoa.

Each bar features a different type of cocoa, each with a different origin.

Aroko Porcelana Pack

Explosion of color, a predominant red, which is taken from the flag of Venezuela.
The illustrations on the front depict symbols such as the parrot and the palm tree which refer to the culture of the South American country.

Aroko Chuao Pack

Light blue is the predominant color, which we took from the color of the church of Aragua, the place where Chuao cocoa is produced. An emblematic building: the beans of this fine cocoa are dried right in front of it.

The church is also shown in the front illustration, in a very stylized manner. Some figures such as the parrot and the palm tree return, this time with a hammock.

Various green elements are reported that reflect the surrounding nature of the village which is surrounded by hills. The popular song that the local ladies sing during the cocoa harvest was also included inside the pack.

Spreadable, delicious creams

On the spreadable jar we have chosen to apply graphics consistent with those of the bar packs. The same illustration style is used, changing the background color.

A little gem of e-commerce

For Aroko we created an e-commerce site aimed at positioning and marketing this fine Venezuelan artisanal chocolate in the Italian and European markets.

Taking as a reference the typical colors of the South American continent – which inspire the Brand identity – we let ourselves be guided by the bright and bright colors to give the site a great communicative power. The choice of a characterizing font helped give personality to the site and distinguish its style from that of its competitors online.

The layout of the pages is dynamic and engaging. By breaking the canonical grid he wants to move away from the mold.

Large texts, decorative patterns that reflect the graphics of the packs and product images: a game of alternations and overlaps that tell a story, fascinate and draw attention to the products on sale.

The Shop makes the most of the product, through an exhaustive and detailed interface. In particular, each product page is enriched with useful information such as the cocoa cultivation map, an infographic with aromatic notes, as well as recommended pairings.

Communicating the origins of cocoa through a dedicated page has made it possible to make the most of the refinement and craftsmanship of the product, and to create awareness in the customer regarding the very high quality of cocoa prepared naturally and without additives.

In support of the Corporate pages, the Diary section contains insights and curiosities about the world of chocolate, with engaging ideas and reflections.


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A tasty Venezuelan chocolate!


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