Time to be real

The Covid-19 emergency has led to a rapid (and, in some cases, disrupted) strategic and operational reorganization by many companies. There has been a lot of talk about smartworking, the importance of which was formalized with the addition of the inevitable hashtag. Companies have started asking themselves a frantic sequence of questions: What to do now? What to do now? What will we do then?

As the number of questions increases, the number of responses has increased exponentially: an excess of information that can be cataloged in many variations and declinations: from radio-television programs to the web, everything has become monothemed “Covid Emergency”. Theinformation and communication industry has tried to interpret the phenomenon and its consequences, and to provide support to people and companies, although, it must be said, also in this case in a somewhat random way, with few certain sources e many sometimes conflicting interpretations. Understandable, at a time when the world is called to deal with a new, sudden phenomenon, so rapid in its evolution and its ability to destabilize. Here, I think the image below gives a good idea:

This increase in shared content was so explosive and multifaceted that only a few days after the virus arrived in Europe, Mark Zuckerberg expressed concern about the risk that IT infrastructures would go haywire if his companies did not equip themselves in time.

In digital, not only have social media been clogged with content relating to the Coronavirus, but also the most popular chat tools (first and foremost WhatsApp) and also the least used ones. Even Snapchat, in light of the increase in its use, recorded a considerable increase in advertising investments over the period. My collaborator Francesca Salvalaggio reported a summary of some interesting data in a recent article.

“What and how to best overcome the Coronavirus crisis?”

We at Notorious, like many other Agencies, have been hit with an even greater responsibility than usual in this period. There are countless calls and reasons to give a timely support to our customers, and it was interesting, and also educational, to have to manage these operations in a different context than usual… but I will focus on the concept of #smartworking shortly, what I would like to say now is that, objectively, There is no Guru today who can offer a “Theory of Everything” (completely conclusive, I mean, and valid for everyone): are the variables are many and too different from each other that companies have found themselves managing, and their sum can lead to a serious crisis situation or, vice versa, a major one opportunity: the sector in which they operate, the existing business models and relationships, the actual ability to adapt and to evolve quickly its business and/or operational model, the possibility of timely access to financing, the nature of these financial resources, etc.

We have been catapulted into a chaotic situation to say the least where the attitude of many companies has been characterized by the desire to react forcefully. Demonstrate strength, competence, solidity, technical ability, distinctive value, even during a crisis!

So guides to working from home began to proliferate, endless webinars, data and data to be interpreted, advice and advice and advisors where everything started to apply but without prejudice to the absolute mantra that has always become the same:

Now, I say: but in all these years, what have we talked about? In short, if I were Zerocalcare, I would probably answer the doubts of many companies:

I wanted to give my reflections a slightly provocative edge which I hope will not be mistaken for mockery, because objectively we all find ourselves in a complicated situation and we too, like all companies, have racked our brains to understand what was the best way to to do, to pose, to communicate, to react. I also underline that it is nice to feel part of a system so full of energy and desire for redemption, so every word of mine is always underpinned by a profound sense of respect for our readers and interlocutors.

Towards more honest communication

I’ll get to the point.
The moment is cathartic and my great hope is that the importance of working seriously on consolidating the perceived value of your brand will be absorbed once and for all.

Do we want to give ourselves rules? Let’s try it.

I won’t say anything more than I have always said in recent years, with the difference that I have the feeling that a more compact and attentive audience has been created, perhaps for the first time truly aware that, just as one can no longer wait to fix your company’s ICT infrastructure otherwise nothing but #smartwork! you can’t even stall in the communicate, enhance and bring out one’s identity values, to create solid and stable connections with consumers.

For this reason, the key message I would like to focus on, which is summarized in the title of this article, is:

It’s time to be Real

The word “real” is intriguing because it brings with it the concepts of honesty, sincerity, and connotes a strong personality.

Communicating honestly means telling the truth. Forced rhetoric must give way to facts: there is no use in wanting to push values ​​that are not one’s own just because the market expects it. To be clear, having a “green” philosophy does not just mean putting the recycling bin in the office, but rather having invested in products and modus operandi that bring a real benefit to the environment. It’s useless to say at all costs that our company is smart (that’s where I got it) – just because now mentioning #smartworking is cool and makes us appear hi-tech. In the end we all found ourselves at home, working or trying or hoping to do so, some with children, some with pets, isolated and without help and with the house to run: I think we all realized that the smartworking is something else, and those who were smart before are still smart now, those who weren’t, well, just brought the computer home and understood that perhaps equipping themselves with shared management tools is objectively useful.

Enough stalling. It is enough to say that “after this crisis, things will change”, let’s start acting differently right away.

So it’s time to get real. It is necessary to investigate (yes investigate: knowing one’s most intimate and profound nature in depth is not so obvious) the aspects that make one’s entrepreneurial reality truly unique, through professional tools and an introspective key that allows you to understand the arguments and the rhetorical key to be used with perfect clarity.

Communicating in an honest, transparent and polite way offers the great opportunity to be guided by an inspired and serene approach, where one’s identity heritage will emerge gradually, naturally, consolidating strongly over time. After all, we wouldn’t want to tell you but… WE TOLD YOU!!! ?


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