The last of the class

In these days of quarantine we have become a little nostalgic. So we went back to our “family albums” and, among the many projects that our agency has created in recent years, we had a lot of fun remembering “The Last of the Class“, which we thought we’d share with you.

“The last ones in the class” was a nice initiative that helped us to make ourselves known in the area and to make people understand an important component of our background, so strongly linked to words. It was a small literary review created in the early days of our history, when we were still known by the name of “Notorious Communication Lab”. Oh yes, after all this is what we were and this is still what we are, in part: a laboratory, a place where we create, where we produce, where ideas are transformed into messages.

Our Lisa Pietrobon was the creator of “The Last of the Class”. The format consisted of hosting and presenting some writers to the public. The public interacted with great interest and we created small video interviews.

This happened in our first studio, a small apartment located right in the center of Castelfranco Veneto, which Alberto Colbertaldo of La Centrale Interni had furnished in a surprising way, transforming it into a truly magical little place!

Here are some video interviews that remember this beautiful experience.
Who among you remembers it?

Massimiliano Santarossa

Paul Boss

Devis Bonanni

Bruno Casini


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