Storytelling doesn’t go on holiday

Stories of a hardcore traveler around Europe.

Carlo Corrata rides a bike. And a lot. Rather than running, he travels, discovers, stops to observe and then sets off again. In his non-stop roadtrip he counts the kilometers travelled, observes the never-to-be-expected landscape and writes everything down in his diary.

The destination? This time he decided to head for Northern Europe, between the wild and cold lands of Norway and Sweden.

But it matters little whether he is headed to Santiago de Compostela, Budapest or towards the Baltic countries: it is the journey itself that gives the satisfaction that pushes him to pedal again, another kilometer more, perhaps uphill.

Carlo doesn’t plan a bike trip, he just pedals. The journey takes place on its own. No GPS navigator or satellite phone, just the desire to pedal freely through places you’ve never seen, with bags tied to the bike.

Well, in fact, he often carries one thing with him. Our brand is constantly moving with him: not only in the stickers he occasionally sticks around along his stages, but also in our support for him, from project to project, from brand to brand.

On the other hand, what Carlo does is simply a storytelling action of a sporting enterprise (in the laborious sense of the term, not financial!) (complete with the official hashtag #SouthoFwhyNOrTh), where he can convey his brand, himself, and its values ‚Äč‚Äčtogether with its followers.

So even if we take a small summer break, storytelling doesn’t go on holiday, but proceeds straight ahead, covering kilometers, towards the next stage.

Visit Carlo Corrata’s website: SOUTHOFNONORTH, stay in touch with him on his Facebook page!

Watch Carlo’s 2017 trip!


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