There is a big difference between any idea and a truly good idea.
Notorious Agency’s mission is to shape clear and valuable messages. To achieve this, we manage the creative processes without neglecting the key steps necessary to focus on a strong and distinctive concept.

How Do We Work?
We love anchoring the brand to an archetype, to build a prevailing personality capable of standing out in the market.
Based on the main concept, we develop the creative idea, which can be expressed in various executive modes. The production specifics represent the final steps necessary to shape the campaign.

Our goal is to seek empathetic identification from the consumer. To imprint unequivocal and convincing concepts in people’s minds.

We prefer that a few people know our clients perfectly rather than many people knowing them vaguely.

We never set executional limits: our goal is togive the best expression to the creative idea, always striving to find original communication formulas.

We manage both small and large productions, and the execution can take place either internally or through the contribution of specialized professionals.
Illustrators, designers, testimonials, photographers, stylists, MUAs, render specialists. Our network is extensive. Various contributors can bring their expertise under the artistic direction of Notorious Agency, whose “signature” ensures perfect alignment of the production with the creative concept.

Notorious Agency also handles media planning on both national and international levels, through direct relationships with advertising agencies or publishers. Our role is to manage the entire media planning process:

  • Budget setting
  • Estimation of results
  • Negotiation of advertising space purchases
  • Planning
  • Delivery of final materials and supplier management

Do you want to give an original touch to your brand’s communication?

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Castelfranco (TV)
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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526