The basics of the project

Communicating an analysis and brokerage firm, which is often mistaken as an energy supplier, proved to be a structured and challenging project. Our work aimed to overturn communication gaps (“why rely on consultants?” or “all bills are the same anyway”) through clear and simple communication messages. In this case, through BMC, Swot Analysis and Empathy Map we have outlined the company’s strengths, its peculiarities, the copy strategy and the visual mood to be undertaken.

Brand Identity

Before proceeding with any communication activity, we focused on structuring a strong and recognizable Brand Identity.

The restyle of the logo, the coordinated materials and the payoff were the first pieces.


To best represent the communication messages we conducted a two-day photographic production at their headquarters. Portraits, moments of work and objects: these were the three main subjects that allowed us to describe the company with images, avoiding stock content.

For the shots, clear light was chosen that conveyed feelings of professionalism and trust.


Remaking a site means redefining the hierarchical structure of information and the user experience. Thanks to various briefs with the client, every single detail was valorised with the right priority, guaranteeing the potential client access to gradual and in-depth information.

Landing Page

What world would it be without strategy?

To integrate the site, a monothematic page has been created with the aim of collecting the contacts of potential customers interested in receiving an initial consultation. Copy and visual have been specifically designed to encourage the user to leave their data.


An essential piece for this sector is mail marketing operations. An activity that is often little considered but which allows you to transform the lead into a customer and at the same time retain customers already acquired over time. In this case the messages were addressed to different lists, making the contents personalized.

Paths Visual

Last but not least, the Visual paths developed solely for Social channels (Facebook and LinkedIn). Each path contains a dedicated narrative thread.

Below are the main ones:

  • New opening – create hype for the new branch in Castelfranco Veneto
  • The drama of Choice – exasperating the choice of electricity, gas and telephone supplier
  • The qualities of RR Group – photo shooting with description of company values
  • Partner – partnership promotion
  • Copy – creative texts on the world of bills


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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