Outstanding Leadership Award

Marco La Fiura – founder and Creative Director of Notorious – has received a prestigious recognition from the “Marketing 2.0 Conference,” an international conference that involves successful individuals selected for their contributions to the marketing and communication sector.

The award, presented in the “Outstanding Leadership Award” category, was based on evaluations across five parameters:

  1. Leader’s reputation
  2. Results and recognitions
  3. Professional experience
  4. Creative thinking
  5. Decisive leadership

The award was presented on the morning of Tuesday, June 20, during the 2023 Dubai – Las Vegas edition of the Marketing 2.0 Conference.

Below is an excerpt from the interview published in the official event magazine: Can you tell us what you believe led you to win this award? I believe that the creative vocation of Notorious has always been evident; a vocation that quickly translated into a distinctive character and, consequently, into a truly brilliant business model. Despite my company being founded during a difficult period (in 2010 the world was in the midst of an economic crisis) and having gone through equally challenging moments (such as the market downturns related to Covid-2020), Notorious has believed in the value and abilities of the people who contributed to its development. This, in my opinion, is a good demonstration of leadership. Just as knowing how to guide the brands that invest and rely on me, my partner, and my team to emerge in the market represents a great responsibility.

My company has always been valuable to the brands that need to position themselves optimally in the market, especially during the most difficult times. I believe that this ability to translate an almost “crazy” vision into a successful business model has always been the most fascinating aspect of my reality and also of my professional profile. Together with the work that, alongside my partner Lisa and my team, we have been doing since 2010, of which I am proud because they “speak” for themselves!

How is this sector changing the world?

Communication has always been a sector that guides people’s perception and changes their styles, creates needs, and, above all, “surfs” on the wave of new technologies and promotes their adoption, facilitating their entry into people’s lifestyles. It is therefore a sector that requires great responsibility. Since I started my educational and professional journey, the world has changed: the web, social networks, smartphones, virtual and augmented reality, web 3.0, the metaverse, artificial intelligence… these are all media, communication channels. Isn’t it evident then how this sector is a central pivot in the transformation of the world and people’s lives?

How do you find the conference so far?

Interesting, engaging, and fun. The organization is perfect, and it is really stimulating to meet and share this experience with other companies in the sector.

Where can we contact you?

Just take a look at the website: www.notorious.agency


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Castelfranco V.to (TV), Italy
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