Notorious x Studio3A: Conquering Leadership

Valore S.p.A. has chosen Notorious Agency to pursue a renewed communication strategy dedicated to Studio3A, a group company specializing in road accident management.

Notorious has the mandate to define strategic and creative developments at a national level, aiming to consolidate a distinctive positioning that will establish Studio3A as the undisputed leader among Italian players in the sector.

The assignment was accepted following an initial year of collaboration, focused on an extensive investigative activity:

Brand mapping

The activity delved into the company’s business model, value proposition, brand vocation, and personality. Combined with an in-depth study of Personas – Design & Survey, this phase of the process proved essential for focusing on the expectations and needs of potential clients.

Communication Analysis

The first objective was to become aware of the strategies and rhetorical formulas used in the sector to identify new and original directions.

The analysis considered the strategies and messages disseminated by various players—across channels (social, advertising, TV)—through an objective observation combined with an experiential interpretation of the examined content.

PBA (Perception Based Analysis)

Conducted in collaboration with Metrica Ricerche on a sample of 1,000 respondents, the survey aimed to gain awareness of how consumers judge companies in the sector. More specifically, the research allowed us to obtain relevant information about the market’s actual perception of Studio3A and its main competitors.

Meeting with Business Partners

The brand management activities were accompanied by several meeting sessions with Studio3A’s main business partners. These occasions proved invaluable for gathering key inputs and information and for devising a diversified communication strategy that also involves the channels of the main stakeholders.

Strategic and Creative Design

Based on the conducted surveys,  the activity led to the structuring of the rhetorical, strategic, and creative foundations of the new communication project:

  • Brand strategy
  • Advertising campaign
  • Social: Content strategy

The strategic and creative design ushers in a new era for Studio3A’s communication: the specified rhetorical framework allowed us to develop the creative processes with full awareness and according to a clear creative direction.

In a sector where communication strategies tend to develop along very similar semantic lines, Studio3A seizes the opportunity to stand out with renewed and original communication formulas, aiming to create a new empathetic connection with its target market.


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
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