Notorious signs the KE TV commercial

The official 2021 campaign by KE – Outdoor Design involves radio, TV and international press in a communication operation coordinated with Gagliardi & Partners and MOCA Interactive.

KE, a brand of the BAT Group and one of the main international players in the market of outdoor shading solutions, makes its communication debut on radio and TV with a campaign planned by Gagliardi & Partners and created by Notorious Agency, at the start from March 28th on TV on Sky TG 24 and on radio stations Radio Rai, RTL 102.5, Radio Freccia e Radio24.

The radio, television and press campaign, conceived and produced by Notorious, seeks a strong empathetic connection with the public by leveraging simple values, the nature of which is “absolute”, but which are felt and desired by people more than ever today: the search for physical and mental balance, respect for the environment and nature, the importance of true and sincere bonds and the need to make the most of your home space in the company of the people you love.

In this context, the KE product is the ideal place, capable of creating perfect living conditions.

The result is an advert with a delicate, conscious, at times seductive style, which aims to strengthen the perception of the KE brand as a leading brand on the international scene.

With 792 radio and 362 television airings, the campaign will be further supported by cross-media planning in the most important newspapers in the furniture and design scene. The strategic choice of media made by Gagliardi & Partners will see the presence of the brand on different and complementary channels to increase its visibility and relevance, expanding its coverage among the reference targets.

All of this is strengthened by a widespread online monitoring action implemented by MOCA Interactive to intercept the company’s strategic targets at different moments in the process of approaching and purchasing the product.

An important commitment, that of KE – which saw the Italian branch close 2020 with growth of 8% compared to the previous year – confirming the positive trend of the sector. An investment in communication that adds to those in innovation, technology and logistics, establishing this company sector as the fundamental boost for future growth.

To see the campaign click here


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