Notorious Agency in support of Boxing

Metaphor of life par excellence, it is a sport capable of shaping people. We tell you the true values ​​of boxing, and why Notorious has chosen to support boxing.


Notorious Agency in support of Boxing

When the referee orders “Boxing!” it is not possible to avoid fighting. No breaks, no excuses. Keep your guard up: let’s box!

A bit like everyday life. The alarm ringing. The appointments. Commitments that cannot be postponed. We’ll think about the holidays later: now it’s time to stay focused.

Boxing is so… Notorious!

When we chose to sponsor boxing, we did so because we fully embrace the values that this ancient discipline brings with it, which we feel are so ours, and it seemed like the best way to support them and help spread them.

Often mistreated and relegated to violent activity, boxing is the sport that more than any other represents a metaphor for life.

They call it a “noble art”: this is because, among the many sports disciplines, it is perhaps the oldest (man has always felt the need to compete with others in the fight to “let the strongest win”). It  was also one of the first sports to be regulated, and it is certainly the one that requires the most complete preparation.

Such a sport involves such intense exercise that it permeates the whole person, not only on a physical but also mental level.


Boxing shapes people

Boxer at rest
“Boxer at Rest” 
2nd-1st century BC, National Roman Museum

This is what fascinates us about boxing more than anything else. Life teaches us that nothing comes if you are not willing to work hard. Hard work, perseverance, stubbornness, tenacity. Every professional who is passionate about their work knows how much work is necessary before seeing their visions come true!

Discipline, respect for the rules, respect for others:  qualities that every person should develop.

Problem solving: do you think about it? What bigger problem is there than a person who attacks you with their fists? Keep calm, control your breathing, stay clear, get out of the corner. Find a solution. A mental exercise done in a situation of maximum stress can only forge personalities whose aptitude for problem solving becomes unparalleled.

It’s not rhetoric, it’s reality, and some of our team have experienced it firsthand, becoming so enmeshed in it that they can no longer separate from it.


Boxing appointment on December 26th in Castelfranco Veneto – 5th Marcel Pobwe Memorial

Boxing appointment on December 26th in Castelfranco Veneto


For all these reasons it is a pleasure for us to partner with a historic Italian company like Boxe Ring Castellana (ex. Union Boxing Ring, founded by Marcel Pobwe). A club that has seen great national champions ply its square and today more lively than ever, like every year it meets everyone on December 26th at the Palazzetto dello Sport in Castelfranco Veneto.

To put on a show… with fists!?



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