We are aware that the name “Communication Agency” today describes such diverse realities today that it is almost impossible for businesses to navigate themselves and identify the ideal partner for their needs.

And since our role is also to solve our clients’ problems, we have decided to offer immediate help by addressing this initial doubt upfront: are we or are we not the possible ideal partner for your company?

To introduce ourselves, we have chosen to speak with utmost transparency. We want to convey who we are, what our role is, and what sets us apart. Our hope is to inspire you and making you fond of what is, for us, a true mission.

How was Notorious Agency born?

From a wealth of professional relationships developed mainly between Rome, Milan, and Veneto. And a MacBook Pro. An ambitious business plan, structured over 10 years of development despite the international economic crisis being at its peak (it was 2010). A unique set of experiences for our age, thanks to involvement in managerial roles and project management in publishing, complex video productions, and the organization of nationally significant events. The awareness of being able to work well, the mad tenacity, the conviction of knowing exactly how to manage an operation as complex as a communication and advertising agency.

After the first two months, our apartment above an industrial warehouse had become an office. Marketers, photographers, videomakers, developers, students, aspiring partners, reckless theorists, and pragmatic workaholics—people came and went. We were setting up our first studio and were about to secure our first major commission from a client who still trusts us today. This was despite (or perhaps because of!) Notorious completely revolutionizing their communication strategy, taking over from the various agencies the company had involved over the previous 30 years.

What is Notorious?

A rapper… a song… a Hitchcock film…? Notorious is primarily a provocation: it means “Known for having a bad reputation”. Who would be bold enough to entrust their image to an entity that self-defines as “infamous“? With this initial identity choice, we sought the complicity of those who would appreciate and grasp that small provocation. We firmly anchored ourselves to this identity because, for us, ‘Notorious’ refers to those who have the  courage  to act, to expose themselves, and to bring their actions to the highest level.  Because only those who expose themselves, especially those who succeed, receive judgment.

So, our first  provocation  is towards ourselves: we act, we excel, and yes, we embrace judgment. Nothing has been more valuable to us over the years!

This is why we seek to involve in our team individuals who possess that rare energy and capability that, let’s admit it, not everyone has! Our selections are very meticulous for this reason!

Do you want a more serious answer?
Notorious Agency is a company that specializes in supporting the marketing efforts of businesses of varying sizes—whether through marketing managers, marketing department directors, or business owners themselves—to identify the best communication strategies to support their corporate goals.

Furthermore, we respond to the requests of companies seeking consultancy or services, which translate into tools and content created with utmost care and engagement. This could involve tasks such as website development, video production, advertising campaigns, social and digital PR strategies, exhibition stands, or event management.

There’s a sender, a receiver, and a message that must pass between them.
We ensure that message is managed correctly, from its conception to its delivery.

How does Notorious work?

This is the heart of the matter: “How do you… do what you do?” is a question that, whether explicit or implicit, is often posed to us and makes us understand how our professional dimension generates as much interest as it does skepticism.

Yes, because “communication” is the very essence of our society. The word is the gift of the human being. And then, just as we all communicate, everyone is creative (some more, some less, okay?). The juxtaposition of the words “creativity” and “professional” therefore creates an oxymoron… seemingly.

Instead, managing a message correctly is tremendously complex.
In fact, every company— from micro to macro scale— is full of misunderstandings.

Notorious operates on two levels: a strategic level and a creative level.

At the strategic level, we draw inspiration from the most established international advertising and communication agencies, bringing to our clients methods and approaches that have led to thousands of successful cases.

Visual thinking“, the visual thought process, is certainly not something we invented, but we can leverage an efficient approach that often surprises our clients. In some cases, clients even find themselves better absorbing their true identity, leading to the identification of new opportunities for developing their business model. Objectives, strategies, actions, thus become clear “like a lake without mud. As clear as a sky in summer always blue.” ( cit. 😉 )

In defining strategies, we know how to frame the correct destination of marketing budgets, suggesting the right priorities and always planning in the interest of our Client. We will never suggest a communication action for its own sake. This is our way of operating, and we are fully convinced that it is the right way to consolidate a quality business. We will never lead our client down the wrong path just to achieve short-term profit; this way of working is not for us.

At the creative level, we have an ambition, to be recognized by companies as the leading creative agency in our territory.
Someone older and wiser once told us that our agency has “that certain way of communicating… in a certain way.” Perfect. When you don’t know what’s underneath, but the message gets through, then it means… it gets through!

We can tell you— and this Manifesto truly speaks to everyone now— that creativity is not based on technology alone Having an expensive camera is not enough to take a professional photo, nor is owning the latest iMac sufficient to develop a high-level user interface.

Every cultural context, regardless of an individual’s level of education, is filled with codes, stimuli, messages that have been “mixed” and absorbed and “digested” by the people who are part of it, over tens if not hundreds or thousands of years. Each piece of that code has contributed to building an immense cultural background, characteristic yes, but also alive. To insert oneself into it, by tickling the intimate notes of people, to create empathy, engage, endear, and provoke a controlled reaction, requires something beyond technology. Though technology is indeed fundamental.

The professional management of creative processes is the soul of Notorious Agency.
This is our true calling. We are a creative agency. It is on this front that we have invested, continue to invest, and will continue to invest.


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526