A sunny day, bicycles and Polaroids

But where are you going, biking beauties? Doing team building!

A Friday at the end of May, the only sunny day between two Atlantic disturbances. A van, with 12 bicycles inside. 30 km of cycle path, immersed in the Venice lagoon.

Our offices were closed for a day and the Notorious team moved to the shores of the Venetian lagoon for a day of team building. Armed with sun cream, sprays and a lot of creativity, we ventured from Cavallino -Treporti to Lio Piccolo on our bikes, with a very specific mission (and no, we’re not talking about the fish-based lunch at the restaurant!).


The Brief

We were in an area characterized by a microclimate unique in the world, with landscapes of rare beauty, sky, water, earth, peasant architecture, lagoon, pink flamingos…

What better opportunity to do a photo shoot? This is what our mission was: to use this expressive technique to tell a story, applying some techniques of creative ideation first, and then production, to do a collective exercise in training creative thinking.

In the first stretch of the journey we had a rather simple task: let ourselves be inspired by the landscape. Stimulated by the lagoon environment, the Muse immediately made itself felt and suggested the theme of our story: MaLaguna.

The games begin

And here we started to get serious.

We split into two teams, each led by a director: Francesco with the Kings vs Alberto with the Queen.


The teams started with brainstorming to invent the subjects of their stories, defined the scripts and assigned the roles to their actors. Then, armed with Polaroids, we started shooting. It was a traveling shooting, an unusual situation in which the locations themselves sometimes suggested the developments of the story. Once the shots were finished, each frame was given a caption, and finally the soundtracks were chosen. At this point we put aside the rivalries, the group regrouped, and we threw ourselves into the famous fish lunch.

And the winner is...

Satisfied with their work, each team handed over the storyboard to the Jury, made up of bosses Marco and Lisa, awaiting the final verdict.


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