Love Vs Hate speech

What better weapon, if not kindness, to counter intolerance and racism?

It is starting from this concept that the idea proposed by Notorious Agency won the ideas competition promoted by Astoria, a well-known wine company that has always been committed to social issues and in particular to combating intolerance and racism.

If the web in particular has become the place in which to let off steam without limits, insulting and belittling others, the creative idea of ​​Notorious has materialized in the creation of a event dedicated to young people, with the aim of disseminating a message based on the theme of listening, identifying with others, of empathy: these are the positive values ​​that a society projected towards a better future needs to mature and definitively make one’s own.

The project proposed by Notorious therefore set itself the objective of developing a community awareness program with great social value, focusing on language in all its forms: verbal, textual, visual.

“We increasingly use hateful language to confront people we consider different. Only by educating young people about "kindness" can this phenomenon be counteracted."

Some shots of the event

“We believe that it is necessary to start with young people, who are approaching life... and also social media. Today is important to raise awareness."

The event was held on the Refrontolo estate. The performers were able to involve the students, who showed great interest and participation.

  • Maria Ducoli – University researcher spoke about inclusive language, the correctness of its applications and the cultural and phonetic/linguistic difficulties that limit its correct application.
  • Marco Ballestracci – Writer spoke about the lexical contextualization of some terms within the historical novel, from a contemporary perspective: how to deal with some lemmas considered incorrect today, while maintaining faith in the context of reference?
  • Nadeesha Uyangoda – Writer spoke about the cultural reasons why certain terms, once used without problems, are now considered racist or no longer acceptable.
  • Paolo Gallina – Cartoonist spoke about the risk of stereotyping characters in visual language, particularly comics, and the importance of historical research.
  • Federica Boniolo interacted with the young people, urging them to understand the reasons why violent language is sometimes used on social media, bringing out the emotions they feel when subjected to this type of language.
  • Raptuz – Street Artist created a themed “live painting” work.
  • Massimo Scola – Actor with his monologue “Words”, specially written for the event, told how the words that others address to us can influence our emotions, modifying our awareness and self-cognition.

“Being digital natives, young people are sometimes anesthetized, they are unable to recognize the value of words. This is an excellent moment of sharing, we are really happy to be here."

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"We need to share with the kids and hear what they think: these are opportunities for discussion that can also be taken up by teachers in individual classes."

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