Interview with Federica Digiorgio: the importance of DEM campaigns

In digital marketing, DEM campaigns are an activity of great strategic value. More than any other, it can help create a direct relationship with consumers, build loyalty and generate conversions.

Creating a personal relationship with the user is today, for any company, of essential importance, so it is imperative to include DEM in a corporate communication plan.

Indeed, the new challenges of e-commerce  and m-commerce are to create and manage ever closer relationships with consumers, to enable a personalised and secure shopping experience.

We spoke about this with Federica Digiorgio, Marketing Program Manager atContactLab, with a focus on fashion and fashion, in a changing marketing scenario also in view of the changes brought about by GDPR, the New European Data Protection Regulation.

In an environment based on scarcity of time, attention and trust, what are the trends related to digital technology for fashion?


In recent years, the rationale is increasingly to pay attention to therelational aspects of the bond between customer and company, to the point where personalisation has become a true business model. Confidence in the relationship with one’s sales associate is the key around which in-store solutions, such as clientelism, are also designed to promote collections by exploiting the value of 1to1 relationships.


We also see a continuous and steady increase in online shopping from mobile phones.


Traceability in the production chain and the search for materials with a low ecological impact are some of the emerging trends, also proven by leading fashion & luxury brands.

For companies in the fashion industry, the ultimate expression of a communication strategy is the establishment of personalised relationships with each customer. Can you help us explain to our readers how this is already possible?

In mid-2016 we launched the clienteling solution that allows the creation and management of a personal and direct relationship between the sales associate and their customers through email, text messages and the main instant messaging platforms on the world market: Contactone. This solution allows personalized and two-way conversations between the sales associate and the customer before, during and after the customer’s visit to the store; It is an indispensable tool for nurturing a one-to-one relationship with the store customer, as it allows you to gradually get to know and record their history with the brand and facilitates the conversion process.

What are the advantages of such a personalized clienteling approach?

On the customer side, the relevance of communications; On the sales associate side, the ability to access a unified customer profile, built with the history of the actions carried out by the customer in all the brand’s touchpoints (store, e-commerce, response to promotional actions carried out through email marketing and SMS, interactions on social media, etc.), and to converse with their contacts through tailor-made messages, creating a valuable engagement process. Contactone makes available the unified customer profile, which includes socio-demo data and behavioral data such as preferences, habits and spending power derived from all their purchases and cross-channel interactions. On the business side, this system offers centralization and control of customer information and ensuring compliance with brand guidelines in one-to-one communications.

According to all the latest statistics, Fashion is a leading sector of online sales. What are the risks and opportunities for the future of online fashion?

The main challenge for e-commerce is to know how to integrate with the in-store shopping experience (and vice versa); Cross-channel services must be enablers of online sales and facilitate them. In recent times, as noted in the 2017 edition of the Competitive Map by Contactlab and Exane BNP Paribas, services are evolving to offer increasingly ‘seamless’ experiences between the different points of the customer journey.

Is Direct Marketing still a winning communication formula? Under what conditions?

The role of digital direct marketing has changed, becoming a channel that is increasingly at the service of the needs and interests of the consumer: the condition of relevance is the prerequisite for capturing attention and offering something that is truly relevant to the consumer; To be relevant, you need to know how to use all available information.
This ‘golden’ rule goes hand in hand with respect for the consumer, which should be at the heart of all companies: the sending of communications must be calibrated in a logic of non-disturbance, managing adequate pressure.

What is the campaign that has impressed you the most in the last two years?

To this day, I am reminded of Kenzo Parfums’ campaign for the launch of a new fragrance, for its visual and musical strength, its irreverence in breaking conventions, its breath of freshness and freedom through Spike Jones’ video.

The expressive power of video for the communication of fashion brands is indisputable. What are the trends in this regard?

A trend inaugurated by the video I was talking about earlier, followed by big brands such as H&M and Prada, is to involve great directors to transform a video into a digital case, which is usually talked about on all social networks.


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