Promote a top global player in the sports flooring sector through an integrated digital operation: complete website restyling, social communication management and international digital marketing strategy.

Communication objectives

1. Spread awareness of the brand in the relevant international markets

2. Reach the top positions on Google

3. Increase quote requests

Official Website

The restyling intervention was recommended to the Client to make the site’s performance adequate to develop SEO and conversion processes and to correctly position the Dalla Riva brand in an international context.

With the opportunity to update the site, we have clarified the web interpretation of the identity system, redefining the color and font palette and seeking a modern and intuitive style.

Information structure

The information has been reorganized in a functional way and enhanced in an intuitive layout. The hierarchies were rethought and meticulous work was focused on the drafting of copy and microcopy.

Buttons and links have been redesigned stylistically and textually.

Infographic interfaces

We have introduced new solutions to help the user identify the preferred solution. Intuitive infographics now allow you to filter products by “intended use” and “type of floor”.

Case histories

Successful achievements and projects are contained by the key value in the digital strategy. We have introduced dedicated sections with a great aesthetic and rhetorical impact, always reachable through strategic points of the site and from social media.

Landing Page

An essential part of the strategy concerns the positioning of the company on search engines. We have created diversified commercial landings for each individual Italian region, to optimize advertising campaigns and conversion costs.



And this strategy still rocks!


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Castelfranco (TV), Italy
Vicolo Sant’Antonio, 10
+39 0423 492526